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Design your own business card

You decide what your business card will look like.

We help you to choose the right lettering, logo and design for your Wyfti card. Determine the color combination of the card and engraving according to your own taste.

  • High-quality engravings
  • Mix and match materials, textures and colors
  • Choose between wood, plastic, metal or gold
  • Choose one of the available shades that best suits you
High-quality materials

We attach great importance to environmental protection. That's why our cards are made of high-quality materials that promise sustainability. Choose between gold, metal, wood or plastic.

Colors and Textures

Different shades and textures are available depending on the material chosen - darker or lighter shades of wood, matte gold or shiny gold, metal card in black, silver, blue, green, red, rose and much more.

Network with style

With the Wyfti card, you will be remembered for a long time and will always be a contact that cannot be lost so easily.

Customize the caption

Express your business.

With our high-quality laser engraving, you can have your smart business card inscribed as you wish - logo or text - everything is possible.

Choose Font

Adjust the font of the engraving to your own style.


Let the engraving stand out with the right contrasting colour. We'd love to help you create the best design!

How it works

Wyfti card - simple as that


Frequently asked questions

Make a good impression with Wyfti digital business card.

Any questions


Wyfti cards use NFC technology, which you are already familiar with from contactless payments. Each card contains an NFC chip that can be read by any smartphone with an NFC reader. The recipient only needs to turn on their NFC.

The NFC spot is on the top edge on most models. Try holding the card against the back of the smartphone. On Android, the NFC location varies from model to model. Therefore, swipe the card along the back. With new iPhone models (from iPhone XS) NFC is always switched on. For other models, NFC must first be activated via settings. The card does not work on older cell phones that are not equipped with NFC.

No, your data from the Wyfti card cannot be found online on Google or any other search engine. They can only be accessed via your personal Wyfti link.

In addition to the usual contact details – personal and company name, company address, email address and contact number, you can also share links from the following social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram , Line, Skype, Messenger, Snapchat, Youtube, Paypal, Soundcloud and Spotify. Wyfti simply covers all your needs.


The first impressions

The Wyfti cards are already enjoying growing popularity. follow the trend.

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