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What is wyfti?

Here's a quick look

With the smart Wyfti business card, your contact details and social media channels are quickly and easily shared with others. No more wasting paper! Thanks to the NFC technology, your data is transferred directly to the smartphone - exactly where you need it.

  • High quality printing and engraving thanks to the latest technology
  • Combine colors and designs freely


Water For All, all For Water

Wyfti.com is proud to partner with Viva con Agua, a non-profit organization working to provide clean water and sanitation in developing countries. For every card sold on our platform, Wyfti will donate 1 to 3 Swiss francs to support Viva con Agua's mission.

With this donation, we can help improve access to clean drinking water and raise awareness about the importance of this issue. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.

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All necessary functions in one card

Make contacts on a new level

No app

The person you are exchanging your contact information with doesn't need an app

Environmentally friendly

No waste of paper! Wyfti business cards are made of high quality materials and just one is enough to make countless contacts.

User - friendly

The Wyfti profile is created via our app in just a few steps. Your contact details and links can be quickly updated at any time.

Fast delivery

Your Wyfti card always finds the fastest route to you, no matter where you are.

Compatible with any device

The Wyfti app is available for both Android and Apple. Find us in the App Store or Google Play Store.


Give your card an individual touch. Combine Wyfti cards with any inscriptions and logos for an expressive self-presentation.


The security of your data is our top priority. Only what you want is shared.

Light use

The Wyfti cards have a standard size. They fit in any wallet or pocket. So you always have them with you - scan, save contact - done.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wyfti cards use NFC technology, which you are already familiar with from contactless payments. Each card contains an NFC chip that can be read by any smartphone with the NFC reader. The recipient only needs to turn on their NFC.
The NFC spot is on the top edge on most models. Try holding the card against the back of the smartphone. On Android, the NFC location varies from model to model. Therefore, swipe the card along the back. With new iPhone models (from iPhone XS) NFC is always switched on. For other models, NFC must be activated first in the settings. The card does not work on older cell phones that are not equipped with NFC.
No, your data from the Wyfti card cannot be found online on Google or any other search engine. It can only be accessed via your personal Wyfti link.
In addition to the usual contact details – personal and company name, company address, email address and contact number, you can also share links from the following social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram , Line, Skype, Messenger, Snapchat, Youtube, Paypal, Soundcloud and Spotify. Wyfti simply covers all your needs.
  • Design your Wyfti card
    Design your Wyfti card
    Choose a card from one of the materials in our assortment and customize it.
  • Create your profile
    Create your profile
    Find the Wyfti app in Google Play or App Store and create your profile in just a few steps. Share information you want and edit your data easily, anytime and from anywhere.
  • Connect in style
    Connect in style
    Just press the Wyfti card against the NFC reader to create a new contact. Your profile will be displayed on the phone in no time and your contact details will be saved.


The first impressions

The Wyfti cards are already enjoying growing popularity.


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Dare to step into the digital future and order your own Wyfti card.

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